Printing and storing Scaler chord data

I recently went through a small exercise to explore the structure of the chords in Scaler. Although this could be done by exporting them to a DAW, and then transcribing the constituent notes, I wanted to (a) have the data in some computer readable form, together with the intervals, and (b) have them linked to the naming convention in Scaler.

Having previously built a little gizmo to read, interpret and analyse scaler State Files, this just required a modification to that, which entailed being able to link the chord names to some chord identity.

[I had established a simple mechanism to uniquely encode the identity of any chord or scale based on its structure rather than the name, which is described in an earlier post A possibly useful analysis spread sheet ]

A description of the process is as follows. By selecting some scale / mode, and then choosing the “variation on the tonic” in Section B, the chord names can be saved to the clipboard and imported into Excel (or whatever).

Following this, if a State save is then done, the resulting XML file contains the chord structure in midi note form, which can be easily extracted from the file. Because they are in the same order, they can be linked by adding a simple index and then merging the data together.

A diagram of the script flow to do this is shown under, followed by a clip of the output.

fig 4

Happy to share info on the process. I might run through all the modes and then publish this on the board.