Problems moving chords from ezkeys

in the screenshot you see my scenario

I have a progression of chords and I want move them to Scaler
the MIDI exported from Ableton Live 9 doesn’t work (the VideoLan icon on far left)
the MIDI dragged from Ezkeys and pasted in Scaler 2 creates a looong series of chords but there are many single notes and too much useless chords that make polishing all them a nightmare
BTW, there is room for improvement here, i.e. the option to remove single notes, and possibly one-note-chords automatically…

now coming to my scenario, the only way I found is adding chords one by one in Scaler looking at Ezkeys names, but this is a nuisance thinking that Scaler is possibly able to do it automatically… now or in the future

Ya, spent the first week of Scaler 2 seeing how chord charts could be moved between my DAW (Reaper), EZKeys and BIAB. My conclusion agrees with what you are reporting. There is no drag and drop or cut and paste options to bringing a chord chart into Scaler 2 from any of the three options as I recall. It was very easy to move chord charts out of Scaler into Reaper and EzKeys. And with the new Chord name midi markers it helps in naming. But to get them into Scaler 2 you have to use MIDI-Capture which can be a challenge. (Ya, I know, manual Chord entry can be easy if you do this on a regular basis and remember all the hoops to jump through). Would be nice to see some better options in the future.

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When I drag a chord progression I first change it to whole note chords.

I just moved this part into scalar and worked fine. I convert it to whole note chords, then drag and drop, then hit the undo to return it to the way it was.


very interesting
I’ll try that this evening and let you know

Did not know that option existed in EZKeys. Thanks for pointing it out.

the first part works
the drag & drop part doesn’t…
because I have to click on Replace before moving it :wink:

so the whole thing is:
I convert it to whole note chords, I click on Replace, then drag and drop, then hit the undo to return it to the way it was.

thanks for the tip

BTW, the other way is interesting as well, maybe more, and super easy:
record a series of chords in Scaler using the recorder in Section C
drag & drop the MIDI in Ezkeys
put it in loop
then try all your stuff in the browser :smiley: