Problems with playing Chords over the entire keyboard, without changing the octave

Hello, I hope you can help me.

I would like to play the chord function in all octaves without having to constantly change the octave. As you can see from the picture, only the grey area can play chords. However, I would like the entire keyboard keys to be grey so that I can play higher and lower chords on my keyboard more easily.

I hope you understand me and can help me.

I would really appreciate it.

That’s what Patterns are for. Fill a Pattern with the chords you want in the octave you want,
Pattern 1 would be the Gray area you have now.
Pattern 2 can be an Octave higher, etc.
If you want lower octaves to match the gray area you will need to set the first pattern at the lowest you want and go from there upward. You lasso all Patterns to have them all selected by the Bind (gray) keys.
You can set the start bind key of your lowest note under Playback by clicking on the gear on the upper right.


Thank you for your answer.
However, I don’t know exactly how you added the additional patterns and the octaves.
Can you give me more detailed instructions?
I would be very grateful.

Try this video to get you started.
Basically you drag and drop chords from section A or B to the Pattern section C. In your case if you just want the whole scale of chords from Section B than click and drag around all the chords you want with the cursor to select them than drag and drop those chords to Pattern 1. You can than right click on Pattern 1 and duplicate it a couple times. Rename pattern if you want. Under EDIT on the upper right you can edit the chords to the octave you want. Lasso all chords in the Pattern if you want them on the same octave. There is lots more but I suggest the Davide hosted videos like the one above to get the most out of Scaler.

Hello Jamieh,

Thanks for your response. I’m certainly a bit further ahead with your advice but still finding that slot 8 from the lower octave will trigger the first white note from the octave above (when I bind 8 slots to 7 white keys) meaning I can’t just use all the white keys and know that octave 3 and 4 C note will trigger the same chord (in each respective octave).

Quick video… Message for Jamieh | Loom

Do you have an idea of how I can change the pattern size to 7 perhaps to stop this happening?

I think the only way at the moment is to copy the root (Cmin) to pad 8 and change the octave. If I think of a clever way I’ll let you know.
It’s not Ideal for just smashing keys the way you want. I know changes are coming in Scaler 3 but I don’t know if specifying keys to pads is on the list.