Program change on startup/play

I have Scaler 2 set up as a ScalerControl in Logic X. I have only used this for a week or so, but have had this weird problem that I originally thought must come from the Cherry Audio plugins.

But now I suspect that ScalerControl is sending some program change on both start up and (when sync to DAW is enabled) when hitting play, making it next to impossible to control other VST synths.

I put a scripter trace between ScalerControl and the Cherry Audio DCO-106 synth, and see this as the first few MIDI messages when

[ControlChange channel:10 number:0 [Bank MSB] value:0]
[ControlChange channel:10 number:32 [Bank LSB] value:0]
[ProgramChange channel:10 number:55]
[PolyAftertouch channel:1 pitch:215 [B15] value:68]

Anyway, my current workaround is to put this scripter filter after Scaler:

function HandleMIDI(event) {
  if (!(event instanceof ProgramChange)) {

Hi @bep and welcome to the forum.

Thanks for sharing your findings.
Could you please provide your chipset and operating system along with Logic version?

  • MacOS Montery 12.3.1
  • Apple M1 Pro
  • Logic Pro 10.7.4

Hi @james ,
Suffering from the same problem as @bep Bjørn. Scaler sends out a whole bunch of midi data when you hit “Play” in my DAW. Been using Scaler for a while and this is definitely a new issue.

Tracing Midi after the MIDIFX plug gives me this:

Error: send() called with malformed MIDI event
Error: send() called with malformed MIDI event
Error: send() called with malformed MIDI event
[Aftertouch channel:9 value:26]
[PolyAftertouch channel:6 pitch:8 [G#-2] value:91]
[ProgramChange channel:1 number:77]
[ControlChange channel:1 number:107 [Ctrl 107] value:1]
[NoteOff channel:5 pitch:21 [A-1] velocity:0]
[NoteOn channel:16 pitch:1 [C#-2] velocity:1]
[PitchBend channel:1 value:-1972[0%]]
[NoteOff channel:1 pitch:242 [D18] velocity:13]
[NoteOn channel:2 pitch:242 [D18] velocity:13]
[NoteOn channel:2 pitch:242 [D18] velocity:13]
[PolyAftertouch channel:16 pitch:1 [C#-2] value:0]
[NoteOff channel:1 pitch:61 [C#3] velocity:0]

To reproduce:

  • Empty instance of Scaler (default state) as MIDI Fx
  • No regions on the tracks
  • virtual instrument loaded on track

Please look into this as it makes Scaler Control currently unusable.

System info:
Mac Studio, Monterey 12.6.1
Logic 10.7.5
Scaler 2.71 AU

Thanks in advance. Ping me if you need any additional info.

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@james any updates on this?

Hi guys,
this appears to be the known issue with M1 that the devs are aware of. It is a known issue with the way Logic handles Midi FX on M1. The solution for now is to run Logic in Rosetta.
We know this is less than desirable for most but we are working hard at trying to find a solution.

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