Projects I reopen with multiple tracks in same scale out of tune with each other

What I was trying to do

Make two complementary tracks from the same song, one playing a chord-y polyphonic performance, one a complementary bass performance – the bass Scaler instance copied from the polyphonic performance. Have those two things be in tune (which, in the beginning, they are).

Then save and reopen that project.

What I expected to happen

That when I reopened the project the tune would sound the same

What actually happened

The bass performance track is some semitones out compared to the other – it’s not playing the notes it says it is but if I transpose by a number of semitones (different each time, I think) I can make it slot in tune again.

Software used

Logic Pro X 10.7.4

I can supply a project (or perhaps two) – they aren’t stock Logic synths but I can see if I can remap them

Yes i have the same issue. Scaler is not working properly with the newest Logic. I posted the same
on that forum a few months back and the answer is that they are waiting on Apple to fix Logic.

Correction here, MIDI FX using Monterey and M1 enabled Macs are not working well. The normal Scaler instrument works fine. We are expecting and hoping MIDI FX will be fixed soon.

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yes thanks Davide! I am so use to use it as a MIDI FX, I forget about the instrument, which is what I should have used on my current complex project since I am dragging the midi anyway from Scaler to the track to avoid the tuning issue. :).

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Thank you @davide and @FloBorge. I’ll wait for Apple again. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Logic quite as broken as when I got this M1Max. It is improving, slowly.

Hi @davide i am using scaler 2.7, the updated Logic 10.7.5 and Ventura 13.0.1 but still have the midi issues. I was trying to have scaler play Abbey Wood strings, which are multiple sub tracks, it almost works well except for the bass that sound like a helicopter that never lands :). Any news on that? Thank you

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Yep, same. I’d imagined that with an update behind each, the issue would be resolved. As it is I’ve got a dozen projects I can’t reopen without some significant remedial work now, and I can’t work in the way I’d become accustomed with Scaler of recording a single note to trigger chords in a track.

In short, I’ve stopped using Scaler for most of what I used it for. If it’s not Scaler, what needs to change in Logic, so we can get in touch with Apple and badger them to fix it?

I’m busy trying to try out the new Live Sync mode but enabling/disabling Scaler appears to randomise the amount by which any given Scaler MIDI FX track is out in terms of semitones. It’s like trying to write music with a slot machine. I appreciate there are many people for whom Scaler works very well – and I used to be one of them! – but some recent conjunction of Awful Software Events has contrived to make my favourite plugin all but unusable. Unusually for a programmer, I have no idea where to start to even submit a bug report, nor even what to report other than “everything sounds horrible, help”

With that in mind: everything sounds horrible, help! How can I get to a reproducible bug and to whom do I submit it?

Well, for what it’s worth, I’ve reported this as a bug in Logic

Version 10.7.5 (applied also to 10.7.4)

I often use the Scaler 2 plugin to create tunes. I record single notes that trigger chords or performances from multiple instances of that plugin in the same key. This works fine.

However, on reloading projects, the tracks are out of tune relative to each other by what seems like a random number of semitones, but most often plus or minus 2.

I had reported this as a bug in the Scaler forums but multiple times Scaler people have said it’s a bug in Logic MIDI FX – it does not apply to their instrument AU, only their MIDI FX plugin. Example thread:

Projects I reopen with multiple tracks in same scale out of tune with each other - #7 by rgarner

I don’t know how much attention these things get given but I can only imagine further reports of such will help get it bumped up their internal priorities (@FloBorge, @davide ?). The feedback form is at



I don’t know if this helps anyone, but I’ve discovered that toggling the “MIDI 2.0” checkbox in Logic Pro/Settings/MIDI fixes the out-of-tuneness of things. It doesn’t matter whether you turn it on or off, but it fixes things immediately. It’s a shame there’s no way of following up with Apple on the initial report.