Question about chord mapping

Does anyone know if there is a way to map a single chord across the whole keyboard in Scaler2?

This may sound like an odd request but in a lot of old tracks, people sampled single chord notes and played the sample across the keyboard (e.g. a C minor 7th is recorded and then mapped across all the keys).

I was looking to see if this could be done in Scaler because using note transpose plug-ins and bouncing to audio is a bit tedious.


You could do it but it won’t do what you want to do. Scaler is MIDI information only. It will sound exactly the same on each key unless you transpose by half steps but even then it’s MIDI. To do what you want it needs to be sampled into a sampler and stretched across all keys. Scaler is not a sampler.

Not sure exactly what you are trying to achieve but if it’s the old school method of sampling a chord and playing across your keyboard then that is the original intention of ‘Generate Parallel Harmony’ in Scaler. Create any chord in the first chord box, right click and ‘Generate Parallel Harmony’ and it will spread it across your keyboard in any interval you want. In this case I think you want semitones.

Just tried

out by right clicking on a C maj7 chord as suggested by @davide and found it generated 3 patterns. Then simply lassoed the three patterns together to give

so now I can play all the chords in real time from my keyboard.

Hope this is what you were trying to achieve @Akkrid

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That’s awesome. Thanks so much. I know I can just do it in a sampler, but trying to use Scaler as much as possible to see what it can do. This was great. Thanks.