Question about Chord notes in scaler 2.7


In order to use the chord notes function, say for arps, I have to do the arps with my right hand and then play the chords on my left. The issue is I like to make separate tracks for arps and harmony, and so I already have a harmony track down with the midi from Scaler 2. So in order to use the chord notes function, do I have to press the chords down while I’m playing the right half of the keyboard for it to recognize the chords so it can play the notes of that chord or can it recognize when the midi is already written? In other words, sometimes I capture performance for my chords and I can’t recreate that easily again.

Create a second track for your chords. Just duplicate the Scaler from your harmony track and capture/record the chords

I think that is probably the simplest way. You could play the chords yourself by Binding section C and manually recording…

Yea I tried that and for some reason, in order for the chord notes function to work, I have to play with both hands, right playing the notes on top, and the left playing the chords. I just thought I could utilize the chord notes function without having to rerecord my chords if I already had them laid down.