Question about different voicings with the same settins in Scaler 2 and 1

  • select A minor
  • use minor 7th, 9th voicing
  • compare this in Scaler 1 and 2

Beginning from the cmaj7, the chords are one octave higher in Scaler 2. I like the voicing in Scaler 1 better, because this way all chords are more in one frequency range. Is there a reason for that?

Actually this whole voicing section is not performing as I expect it to and you’ve made me stumble across quite a few anomalies. I think we need to adjust the octaves to make it more congruous with the rest of the octave position and in your case the jump from Bmin7 to CMaj7 is not correct. I’ll discuss all of this with devs and we will make some adjustments. Thanks for pointing out.