Question about the demo version

I am trying out the demo version, so far so good. One question I have is, I noticed that the instruments send random white noise from time to time. That’s normal for most demos. I am also getting random MIDI data being sent in MIDI FX mode, including CC messages. Is that normal for the demo or is something not working right? I’m on a M1 Mac on macOS 12.1.

Welcome Chris;

As I understand it the random noise is expected in the demo but I’m not sure on the MIDI FX. Do you have any of the CC messages handy? If so, include them here and I bet someone has some thoughts.

FWIW, if you even think you like Scaler…jump on in. The water is great!

Thanks. I will buy Scaler before the sale is up for sure. From what I’m reading, my problem is an issue with Logic and MIDI FX plugins, not a feature of the demo. Guess I’ll wait until Apple addresses it.

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