Questions about Divisimate [for current users]

Curious how those who are using Divisimate, especially with Scaler are getting along with it? Do you feel Divisimate is worth having if you are doing orchestral music? Obviously Scaler is sending out chords which is what Divisimate is looking for but does it divide performances well for use with multiple instruments?
Thanks for any feedback.

I don’t have Divisimate so my reply is slightly off topic.

If your goal is splitting Scaler chord output into separate midi channels take a look at MidiPolyphony vst. Top note goes to vi 1, next from top to viola, next from top to cello, etc.

It’s free.

Read entire thread, my current preferred setup is detailed in bottom postings.

PC only. Mac here. So not a software I can use. Thanks.

Sorry, on PCs it’s an oldie but a goodie.

Need an option in Scaler to send each note of chord to a different midi channel. Lowest note to channel 1, etc. That would be a game changer.

On another thread about Divisi the Devs mentioned something along those lines.