Quick and easy way to change the key/mode of presets/patterns (see example)

I’d really love it if there was a simple way to change the key/mode of song/artist/user presets and patterns. This is a fast way to experiment with new ideas and get far more variety from existing content.

Starting with the chord progression for Let It Be in CMaj, what if I want to hear it in minor or mixolydian mode, or F# dorian? Here’s a great example of how easy it should be:
Key Change

Is anyone able to outline the number and order of steps to do the exact same thing in Scaler? :thinking:

There is

section A to any key and mode. I have described it in the tutorial Transposing Patterns.


Thank you. That’s very helpful. I’m still finding my way around and assumed lock was just an on/off toggle.

Are you aware of anyway to do the same for patterns/chords in section C? If you already have progression saved or start a new one and decide you want to change modes it seems you’re kinda boxed in at that point without a ton of tweaking.

The pattern right-click menu only has 4 options, force into scale would be quite useful there too, especially if you want to duplicate a pattern and try a ham-fisted trucker’s gear change. :pig: :articulated_lorry:

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Actually it looks like this is another hair-pulling partial solution. :face_with_peeking_eye:
Apparently the Maintain/Force Into Scale feature only works with factory presets.

What if I import/detect my own progression, or load a user preset and want to force the detected chords into a different root/mode to match my project?

Or if I import an existing chord progression from my project into Scaler and want to force the detected chords into a different scale to create a new section?

Scale forcing should always remain an option in section A and also be added to section C. Limiting such an important feature to factory presets with no way change the scale of existing patterns is a major drawback.

With the original example I posted (a website!) it’s a simple click which intuitively shows harmonically compatible modes using the circle of fifths. With Scaler? :man_shrugging:

I don’t think there is an “easy” (i.e. one button) way to do this for recorded/detected progressions but it does work for progressions that have been saved as a User Chord Set.

I have drafted a tutorial showing how the limitation on recorded/detected progressions can be overcome bu = saving the progressions as a User Chord Set and reimporting it into Scaler. Not ideal but…

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Thanks, I appreciate the tip.
I’ve always just saved full sessions, but will start saving chord sets so at least there’s some chord lock functionality.