Quick MIDI capture (resolved - Use Lasso-Drang-n-Drop instead)

When capturing a chord sequence (e.g. playing a couple of patterns), I need to wait for a whole playing time of the sequence. There are cases when I need to listen what is being captured, there are cases I don’t need to (e.g. minor edit at section C and re-capture). Is there any way to capture quicker than real playing time?

Are you playing performances/Expressions with the chords? I never wait for MIDI capture I just lasso all the chords I want and drag and drop. It captures all patterns, expressions I have assigned. If you are using trigger notes to time your chord durations then I think you need to capture that timing although there are ways around it. I would need to know more about what you are trying to capture.

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I usually used “trigger notes” way. And I didn’t know the lasso-drag-n-drop way. I think the latter way can cover most my use cases. Thanks for the tip.