R&B Chord sets

I looked through the forum for the answer because I’m sure I’m not the first one to ask this, but, why aren’t there any R&B Chord sets in Scaler?

Yeah, that’s really a pity. Actually, I have an updated and bolder idea. Now that Scaler has recommended chords according to music classification, there was also the function of selecting BASS, even DRUM and PAD in chords at that time. Of course, these must be flexible and random, but they can save some time. It’s always a good thing for producers, because for every music producer, there is less and less time for music production.

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Neo Soul chord sets are there! So are MJ Cole artist sets! Lots of R&B powered chord sets between those two options. Lots more on the way!

Neo Soul is, well, Neo Soul, I’m talking straight R&B, contemporary, quiet storm, new jack swing, or the Philadelphia sound, there’s so many types or producers, and styles that could be implemented, teddy riley, rod temperton, dark child, barry white, why was it left out in the first place?

@Jeffdaddy Good suggestions thank you, we will take that onboard and make some stuff for you.


Ty… i think this will be a great addition.

I agree We need some solid R&B Chord sets in Scaler … R&B is often toss in with
other genres .Neo Soul , MJ Cole is not same.
We need Chord sets Like Philadelphia sound, Thom Bell, Kenny Gamble,Leon Huff,Quincy Jones
Ashford & Simpson,Curtis Mayfield and such…

Thanks Darrell


Guys we are going to get some solid R&B chord sets given the demand. We’ll engage some modern artists to get some great chords for Scaler. Stay tuned and thanks very much for the feedback.