R.I.P. Carlos Eduardo Arellano

Dear Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that I learned today that our dear friend @carlosbiab has passed away recently.
As some of you know, Carlos’ family had suffered a bout with Covid. And the conditions in Venezuela have been so miserable, that medical care was impossible to get.

I am particularly personally moved by this tragedy, as Carlos recently had contributed to a beautiful piece of music, which now shall forever be remembered as the last memory of Carlos. Since this piece was rather emotional/melancholic, I want to pick up once more the idea of publishing this on Bandcamp with the aim to forward any proceeds to his still struggling family. Perhaps even a Gofundme crowdfunding campaign, telling his story, the story of his family, and how we can help them with the impact of their loss.

I don’t know, just unbelievable grief fills my heart at this moment. Realizing that I had never met him in person, and only through this forum, some of the connections made here feel like family. I appreciate all of you!



Although I haven’t touched it, I have used his guitar in BAND IN A BOX. I think it should be him.

Life is so fragile. Just a month ago, I saw him often leave messages on the forum. We never know what will happen tomorrow.
As I get older and people around me gradually leave, sometimes I wonder what the meaning of life is. but I do not know.
So, until there is no answer, all I can do is do what I love? So I remembered music.


That is really sad news as he was a great supporter of scaler and we would regularly stay in touch. I had discussed the troubles he had been suffering from recently. Shocked and saddened.


Sad to learn this. Such a loss for his family and the community. He was very talented. Life is so very fragile.


Very sorry for such sad news.
Great collaborator and great musician. Its a big lost. Rest in peace

«Si por cada mil notas de ira, desesperación y soberbia, se tocara un acorde de esperanza, un trino de amor y una escala de sabiduría, la paz sobre la tierra sería un eterno concierto.»

Carlos Eduardo Arellano


I am on the same “sympathetic string” of others here, and it’s the first time I am sad, very sad, for a people I never knew in person, just like Bernd said

yesterday I searched for his videos, but I stopped quickly with a lump in my throat, realizing I will never have the chance to listen him again, and possibly do some collaborative tune with his support

I am sure he will pluck amazingly celeste harps

Adiós grandiosísimo Carlos


This is so sad, and made even more so by the rapidity of its occurrence.

COVID has a frightening asymmetry, in that a substantial proportion of the populace shrug it off as being the equivalent of a bad cold, and yet for others it brings rapid mortality.

His passing brings significant resonance to me because my wife is classified by the NHS as being ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ with emphysema and takes drugs to ease breathing, This sad event shows how close we can be to a tragic and untimely end.


Here is the reply after I gave Carlos some suggestions to gain more money translating, to cook foods without gasoline/wood using solar stoves, etc.

I drop it here to let all understand the difficult situation where he lived

Many of us are lucky enough to live in democratic countries where the health systems work, but too many others really struggle to have the bare minimum

"… but just right now there is a new critical factor in my personal music production and work system, and that is keeping things simple above all else. My work is a series of coordinated activities for similar environments, I am a digital producer using the PC to compose, create, arrange, guitar sessions, study, design at the audio level, samples, emulations and sound libraries and so on. I also work as a Spanish host and bilingual translator English Spanish for PG Music (matrix house of Band in a Box, and it is my only income right now.

Unfortunately, due to the situation that we live here in Venezuela (dictatorship and corrupt socialism + now Covid 19 disgracy nets) this entire productive job ecosystem reduced its broad width to a minimum level. I want not to go into details, but in summary here we live almost a prehistoric situation after having been a very rich country, and even about health, here getting sick is equal to a death sentence, since the national health system is destroyed. Right now I only have a small income barely enough just to eat, from PG Music as a forum spanish host.

Well, all is about taking care of the resources we hold here. Here we live not only the largest hyper inflation on the planet, but also the most absolute lack of materials, equipment, spare parts in ALL areas, and in computing it is no less. If a component breaks down here, let’s say a hard disk, a memory, a MB, etc. it becomes an almost impossible task to replace the part. Even buying a simple USB cable ($20) is a decision that could leave you without food for a full day, since the costs exceed one million percent of normal and the minimum monthly salary income is 5 dollars a month!"

and here is a picture of a typical situation around Carlos home, when a storm hit, something that happened quite often


This is extremely sad. Although I’ve never met Carlos personality, I adored the music he published. One artistic soul we’ll be missing. R.I.P. amigo.


I first met Carlos in 2008 and immediately recognized his talents and the inspiration he provided to me. He was always Maestro to me as he was a master musician. I am sadden to hear of his early passing.


Wow, every note !! :heart:


Que poético :pray: :heart:

Descansa en un eterno concierto de paz, compañero de cuerdas, te vamos a echar de menos, muchas fuerzas a su familia.


Sad in fact🙁.
But not without any answer or hope.
Look for answers not in churches but where it can be found, in the Bible.
Sorry I could not read your touching message without answering.:blush: