Rabbit Composer Workflow - Part I

Hi there

here is the first part of my acclaimed new series: Rabbit Composer Workflow

Part I is the simplest of the simplest (as you know I love to simplify :joy:)

Here is the picture

Scaler 2 (unavoidable by now) that feeds Strum GS (“Keyboard option”) that feeds MIDI Polysher (to avoid a note overlaps the BB Stop button) that feeds Broomstick Bass

I love Scaler most in the Mod option that is immediately accessed after having selected just one chord: this feature lets me explore tons of strange chords in a breeze and choose the preferred ones by ears: BOOOMBastic!

Broomstick Bass has a metronome that sounds like a basic drums, so I have a 4-men band with zero effort and just 1 keyboard for 4 plugins: it is wonderful when I want just plucking without recording anything, or testing new Scaler’s patterns & functions

Sometimes it happens anyway that an interesting rough-track emerges, and in this case I switch to Strum GS “Guitar option”, then drop Toontrack Audio sender in the Broomstick Bass, so that Ezbass can grab its pattern and possibly enriching it, and I finally add EzDrummer with a drum pattern (I am lately trying to build drum parts that match with guitar parts)

But this is another story that will come tomorrow