Rabbit Composer Workflow - Part II

Yesterday I said

Sometimes it happens anyway that an interesting rough-track emerges, and in this case I switch to Strum GS “Guitar option”, then drop Toontrack Audio sender in the Broomstick Bass, so that Ezbass can grab its pattern and possibly enriching it, and I finally add EzDrummer with a drum pattern (I am lately trying to build drum parts that match with guitar parts)

And here is the more complex workflow

I drop the Scaler MIDI in the MIDI Polysher track (but any MIDI track is fine)

Then I put Strum GS on the Guitar mode, and I select a series of loops (from the Loop mode) that I like for the various parts: in this case I used 2 different loops for the verse and the chorus (I hope chorus is the right jargon :smile:)

From the Strum GS manual:
In Guitar mode, Strum GS voices chords played with the fretting hand and reproduces picking hand technique using special strumming keys as described below.

Now, I am unable to use that mode with my bare hands on a keyboard, but luckily enough Scaler gives me a hand dropping its chords over the Strum GS Chord Keys area

While Strum GS plays the loops matched with the chords coming from the MIDI track using this routing

Here is the Scaler xml
Scaler-Creederci.xml (10.0 KB)

And here is rocky track