Random melody generator

It would be great to have a random melody generator based on the chords and some parameters like note length range, octave, note offset, etc.
A midi editor would be a bonus as well.


Hi @fpedroletti !
Not to take away from your feature request, but having had the same desire I found a couple of complementary tools to help create random melodies. RandArp (free) works pretty well. Then I use Cthulhu from Xfer, BlueArp, Phrasebox and Xyntheszr (iOS Midi app). Plus, some DAWs like Bitwig offer virtual devices that help with aleatoric composition (my focus in making music).

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Thank you very much for the list!
I’ll take a look.

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And if you like @fpedroletti, I can give away the Audiomodern Riffer 3.0 license for free


Is Riffer any good? Can’t it produce usable melodies? I have used Melody Sauce and found it quite useful.

Looks great!
I would have no words to thank you!

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I don’t know
I used it together with Randarp, Nora and many others before finding Scaler
but now I prefer Scaler

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I sent you a private message

When it comes to assisted melody creation I think Rapidcomposer deserves to be mentioned.



I have Rapid Composer as well and I think it works well with Scaler. It has quite a few things I’d like to see in Scaler.

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I tried it, but no sound jumped out: there is MIDI out?

I tried Melodya as well, and some sound jumped out, but boring as any arp I used so far
I prefer the combination of Scaler + dedicated plugins with its own AI

RC is all about MIDI. You can put you favorite instrument on a track. You can export the MIDI. Any number of things. The built in sounds are just General MIDI and just place holders. I use it with my sample libraries.
You can also drag and drop Scaler progressions onto the RC chord track. The beauty of RC is the MIDI used inside it isn’t locked to a key. Like the patterns in Scaler.

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RC in general has a steep learning curve as it is full of interesting concepts. Its more a prototyping tool, hence does not promise to sound perfectly.

Back to the topic, I believe RC has the most powerful means to create melodies (actually has multiple modules): https://www.musicdevelopments.com/RCUserGuide.pdf#page69

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I meant driving with its MIDI another plugin, as I do with Scaler

I don’t like MIDI editing (too much hassle = zero fun)
I like more taking advantage of a chord generator (Scaler or others) + the AI specially developed for any singular plugin (AAS Strum GS 2 or, at a less extent, EzKeys)

For the bass I prefer EzBass and for the Hammond, Scaler + my bare hands-on

RC in general has a steep learning curve

Well, I think this is why what @jamieh said “You can put you favorite instrument on a track.” didn’t work

And all the above is why I hated it immediately: too much hassle = zero fun

I am not a professional; I compose for fun, so any hassle is my enemy

I looked at a couple of videos
for example, this one

the output is not enticing
Note: I am not speaking about the internal sound, that you say is poor, but the “anima” inside the rhythm and melody, that is too much in the arp area

OK, I found this, part I and II

Rapid Composer - Let's Make Rock music! - Part 2 - YouTube

20 minutes of clicks and D&D, and no hands-on any instruments
It can be certainly useful for people that like editing, but it’s not my case

Nevertheless, I think that the guitar fingerpicking is interesting…
Well, I’ll give another try to see if I can swallow it

Great! I’ll stay away from your conversations from now on. Sorry to bother you.
Cheers and have fun.

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Post has been deleted.

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