Rapid Comp license

Does anyone remember where the RC license comes from? At least I can’t find it in my email. I bought a new computer and now the installation phase is going on and I can’t find the RC license anywhere. I did send an email to the creators of the program, but I also thought I would ask this forum about it.

Should be in an the E-mail when you purchased it along with the download links. That’s where mine was.
Email is from sales@musicdevelopments.com

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Most companies tend to put the Licence Key on the invoice. With RC I got a separate e-mail which was VERY easy to miss in the mailbox and delete.

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The same thing happened to me, but I wrote to Attila and he immediately sent it back to me.
The mail existed but I was unable to find it
Email to Attila at info@musicdevelopments.com or to the email wrote @yorkeman support@musicdevelopments.com

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I sent a message. In my case, I couldn’t find the email anymore. I found the receipt, but there was no license number on it.

Attila usually responds quickly. Surely he writes to you with the license. Luck
Anyway also check your spam folder.

There is no key on the receipt or invoice, which, as said, is normal. I deleted the mail with it on, but I hold mail for 90 days on my POP3 server and was able to recover it.

The new key came quickly, which means good service. Although my next slower problem is soundsonline.com and there is the Ilok system. I sent a message about it there, but it might take a while.

It is no problem. Precisely I have had to ask for help several times and they have always answered me quickly. Enter the page and write your problem in the bottom right “CHAT NOW”. They do not work on weekends, but if you write now, surely they will have answered you on Monday