Rather off topic .... where do Scaler folk live?

As an observation, the majority of the traffic on the board seems to be in the US rather than Europe.

Is this because the majority of the sales of Scaler are in the US or the far East ? Or because Europeans never find problems / are introspective non-board animals ?

Perhaps @davide might throw some light on the geographical distribution of Scalerites …
Odd, perhaps, since Plugin Boutique are in Brighton. England

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Interesting insight
How were you able to see the traffic specs?

It says in your Scaler forum profile…


I’m afraid I lacked the precision I normally aspire to (all too often), but the post was really about number of users by geography, or alternatively their posting habits by culture. During the day I might look at the board every couple of hours or so during the day, and (subjectively) there are very few posts until early evening, and the regulars come on, mostly I’m guessing from west of here.

It may well be that European users mostly work (and hence are not posting during the day), and I just assume that they are American for a number of reasons.

None of this is even remotely statistically sound. I should also add that because I don’t work I tend to be at my PC for most of the day, which working Europeans would not be.

I just thought it would be interesting to get a feel for the distribution from @davide

I also get the feeling than many users here (disproportionately ?) are, how can I put it, past the first flush of youth and remember when their girlfriends of yesteryear wore suspenders and stockings. :slightly_smiling_face:


ahem, I meant large specs…
:crazy_face: :rofl:

and it is a feature normally visible to website owners, rarely to forumians

I think Scaler is fairly indicative of most modern tech sales. US > EURO > OCEANIA > ASIA > STH AMERICA > AFRICA > ANTARTICA?


In that case… can we have some chord progressions from Antarctic artists? :laughing:

Actually, my new Garritan world instruments contain Antarctic stuff

like what? sounds of blizzards? that could be interesting

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And what sounds would those be?

Actually, I did a big mistake :crazy_face: :cold_face:

there are no Antarctic stuff, but Oceanian instruments

Nevertheless, Inuit music exists (the other side, I know)

This guy played some Antarctic instruments

And sea lions and penguins sing… :rofl:

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There is some cool Antartica Inuit folk music Alaskan Inuit People Folk Music - YouTube

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Thanks, very interesting
I then found this video about another folk band that also use throat singing

and another one
I love this sound!

One planned piece I might post here (given I don’t chicken out) features Tuvan singers in an attempt to produce ‘EDM drone’ music.

I suspect it’s probably just that there are more of us (in the United States) than many other parts of the globe, only China and India has more citizens. Obviously, a lot of places in Europe have a higher population density than many parts of the US and the EU over all has more people than the US. But the US typically has more buying power. Not bragging or trying to make a point other than just saying why there are often more US users than other parts of the world.

In every product and piece of music and video game I have been involved in US is always the biggest market unless its thematically targeted toward a culture (anime / Japan etc). Call it what you will but it’s the largest consumer based capitalist country in the world. Our team are very fortunate to have the backing of users in the US.

You better take advantage of it while it lasts. Capitalism is exhausted and it’s going to be downsizing.

the beauty of Scaler is nevertheless the fact you can use it for Inuit songs as well

I think I’ll produce (and advertize on SoundCloud with tags) more vibes in “not-US-EU” areas, in the future