Re: Melody Creation workflow


I have a Scaler Track populated with Key Switches for the patterns. I want to add some melodic parts using a VST instrument Scaler is sending to.

I’m not sure what the best method is?

With DAW Sync off and a Scaler track with Key Switches for Patterns, Scaler is playing/recording the Key Switch Notes into the Melodic Line Instrument Track. I can remove those notes from the track but even with a DAW macro it’s a workaround.

Maybe I’m missing something here? I know chords, scales, theory well and usually create lines by playing them or sometimes using Scaler’s melodic content, but I’d like to use the Scale Notes Only Mode more. it feels like a natural way for me to create lines but I could use some help or maybe a reference on this.

Any workflow ideas or suggestions are appreciated.

See my reply to Swingmix.
Under Settings right side GEAR cog menu. Under EXPRESSION, you can ask scaler to provide Chords and Melody OR Melody only. You can also set the melody to be made up from chord notes or scale notes.

Thanks. I saw that thread. It doesn’t really answer the questions. Chord Mute does not work with Keys-Lock Scale Notes Only. If you have a Scaler Track with Key Switches, the pitches of the switches are recorded to the target instrument track.

Hi @1stInversion

Could you clarify a couple of points on this, please?

As I understand your issue you want to route the midi output from Scaler to a synth, but you are also getting the keys lock notes. Is that correct?

Do you want to record the harmony (chords) as well as a melody, or only a melody?

This is for Melody Only, No chords. And there’s one other point as well.

Keys Lock will Mute Chords for 1) Chord Tones and 2) Chord Extensions but not for Scale Notes Only.

I want Chord Mute available when Key-Lock is set to Scale Notes Only. I posted a Feature Request.

The other problem is this.
Per normal, populate a Scaler Track with Key Switches for Bound Chords and Pattern Selection.

With the Scaler track done DAW Sync may be Off allowing us to start and stop in different sections of the project with the Key Switches changing chords and patterns per normal.

Next we want to create melody/leads with a connected VST instrument. When you record, Scaler sends the notes played to the Instrument Track but it is also sending the Key Switch Pitches as MIDI notes to the melody-creating Instrument. I have a workaround for this but I hate it. I’d like Scaler to not pass the Key Switches and Bound Notes as MIDI notes to the target instrument.

I hope that’s clearer. I’ll create a screen or two next time I have an open project showing the set-up. Any ideas about this from you or perhaps David or Ed or the Beta testing group would be welcome.

Sorry if this is overly long. Thanks.

Sorry, I meant to ask which DAW are you using

System Specs are in my signature.