Realtime live midi input with multi out in divisi mode

i would like to split up Chords from live input in Realtime. Since this great feature is implemented in Scaler 2.7 for chord progressions i hope that it will be possible to use this in realtime for getting splitted Chords directly from playing them on a keyboard and sent them to different vsti or hardware synths.

That’s what it’s designed to do. Have fun!

i can’t figure it out, just for chord progressions not for a real live input… is there a tutorial how to use scaler this way?

Wait, what are you asking? You want to play chords on your keyboard and have Scaler split the notes up in real-time? It’s not designed for that. It’s designed to have the notes of a chord pad already in Scaler sent to different MIDI channels. Maybe I’m reading you wrong.

now you got me!! Without the chord pads, yes!
So i am right here with my future request…
Just a suggestion because you have the knowledge and maybe it is not so hard to implement it into scaler (but i don’t know… just a musician :wink:
Thank you very much for your reply!!!

Hi Electron, the problem is deciding which is first voice and so on as no one would ever play a chord the same way in terms of minute timings - also not easy to say lowest note to highest note as that and legato can change things, do able but not sure how high a priority it would be. Good thinking though.

There is an app designed exclusively for this and can work well with Scaler. It’s called Divisimate. It’s designed for real-time input to different sound modules on different channels and works with legato.

They have a 30% off sale right now.

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thank you very much for the hint - i already have Divisimate but have problems with it with Mainstage because it is not working as a plugin… that’s why i have some small hopes in having this in the future in scaler!!

There is not really any need for it to be a plug-in. It should work fine with MainStage. It’s designed for real-time. What issues are you having?

Mainstage lags when switching patches and the bypass did not work for me via programm change without lagging, tryed on different systems and configurations - especially when using iac for the bypass function and i know that there is an app for ios and android for remote control for the bypass but this is not the way i really want to do this on stage… and my system has to be really rock solid!!
Tryd piz midi and Kontakt in a framework to use it as a midi mfx plugin with multidivisi script but the algorithm inside Divisimate is still the best for my keyboard playing so i still have to be patient and wait for a plugin solution (tried also Logic midi scripts with various success, no high note priority script available!)
and maybe i will have a look at max for live when then winter is coming, there is maybe another solution