Reaper 5 (or 6) NTDLL.DLL crash daily

Now, I’m not sure this is Scaler 2, but it is very likely. It’s the only plugin I have in the project that used to give me issues (essentia.dll). Now it’s NTDLL.DLL.

Version 2.3.1, the VST3 version (should I go back to VST2)? Scaler’s VST2 version used to forget the GUI size every time it was minimized (at least with version 2.0.3 or something).

I am literally getting crashes daily, caused by NTDLL.DLL. Tested with other plugins in the project, and ONLY Scaler 2 on one single track. It crashes every time Scaler 2 is in the project, but never when it’s not.

Any thoughts, guys? It happens after Reaper’s been untouched for hours (usually overnight). But never when I’m actively working in it.

Hi @themixtape

thanks for reporting your issue. NTDLL is a Windows system file, I am not sure what is causing this at this stage.

The fact that it happens when you leave your computer idle for a long time, I guess it could be when your computer goes in/out of sleep mode. Maybe the audio detection keeps running in the background and your system is unable to wake up and recall the state it should be in.

Could you try the same setup with the audio detection disabled in Scaler and see if you are still experiencing crashes after a long idle time?

It does not seem like a common issue so you might also want to check if it is not linked to something else on your system… check for available updates (OS, drivers,…), maybe try on a different computer if you have the possibility.


Never have my computer go into sleep mode, ever. No screen saver. No hibernation.

Audio detection, yeah… they mentioned disabling that with the essentia.dll crash. I haven’t tried disabling the Audio detection but maybe that’s it.

Everything’s rock solid, other than Scaler 2. Any plugins, any variation… no crashes. As soon as Scaler 2 is in the project, crash.

I’ve tested on several other computers-- Windows 7 and 10. Same thing happens, only if Scaler 2 is in it.


Do you have any idea of the time required to make it crash?

Is there anything else that could be running on your computer when this happens? Something that could be schedule to run when the computer is idle (scheduled anti-virus scan, disk de-fragmenting…etc…)

We will check on our end, but anything you can think of that might be relevant will be helpful.

Absolutely. Thank you for your reply. I have no automatic things running. All other programs are closed. I only leave Reaper open all the time because I’m always working in it. So it’s the only program open throughout the night.

I also have Maschine installed, random midi controllers… I don’t think it’s always monitoring what’s connected and not, though.

Windows 7, 64-bit. 32GB ram, quad-core 2nd gen i7. Every system is like this except my Win10 system-- 16gb ram with that. SSD drives in all, no regular hard drives. 4 out of 5 systems are offline. One isn’t. Crashes like clockwork. I think it’s probably a 5-6 hour window of not using the computer.

Had Scaler 2 open (Without the Audio detection on)… it worked all night (about 9 hours) and then crashed just a minute ago. It seems that what triggered it was playback of a video, even though that shouldn’t at all. Hope that helps!

Reporting again-- left Scaler 2 out of the project (had various plugins). No crashes, after staying open all night. Will test again tonight, leaving Scaler 2 in the project, and disabling Audio Detection.

Left Scaler 2 (only track / only plugin) in Reaper, with Audio Detection off… crashed overnight.