Reaper freezes (previously Ableton crashed)

debugging the issue is not easy, but I think it’s linked to the low amount of RAM
I have 8 GB and I cannot expand it in my PC :sob: so I must live with it

certain combination of plugins, and above all effects, suck my RAM very quickly: Scaler is normally not a RAM-sucker, but in certain circumstances it makes a difference, and this is likely why I had no crashes in Ableton before using it extensively

I am testing now ASIO4all drivers instead of the Komplete Audio 1 drivers and it seem they work better, but it’s early to tell if my issue is tamed

I’ll let you know next days and testing

Hi @ClaudioPorcellana

the next update will improve performances, it should be particularly noticeable on lighter configs. Just hold on a little bit longer :wink:


no problem Ed
I compose for fun so I can easily live with that issue
simply changing my workflow made the issue less severe

:thinking: I run win7 on a 2009 hp 8gb np.
It does seem prob a config issue.

Don’t know if you would want to…

I installed a SSD drive. Came with s/w to clone the HD. No re-licensing was necessary. SSD runs 3 to 10 times faster. Computer seems happy. :blush:

Extra: Forgot to say, I am a happy Reaper user.

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Hi Livingedge

I run Win 8.1 but on a Dell laptop used in some office before me, so not high-performance CPU/MOBO :grinning:
nevertheless it has a fast SSD

I tried to debug with WhatIsHang and tested ASIO4all that seems working better
I read and followed a couple of Reaper guides about these troubles

now, if I had to use it for my profession I will certainly spend any needed time to fix, but this is not the case, so I can wait the next release

I am actually and currently a new happy Reaper user

but if you have suggestions, you are clearly welcome


I have a 9 years old PC with 8 GB of RAM with AMD Phenom II X4/3.2 GHz and I bought Samsung SSD three years ago.
I use ASIO driver (Focusrite USB ASIO) and it looks very stable, so I believe this could fix your problem, too.


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I had some moisture get in my audio interface and it almost didn’t want to fire up…
dried it out for 1-1/2 hours with 1/2 cool-down and then started up, np. I didn’t want a repeat performance. I was afraid I was out a grand, or more – $200-$300 in repairs and money lost during downtime.

So, I am in the process of relocating my studio, however, in the interum I used bluetooth to shoot my stereo audio to my two Mackie V-Class SRM-215’s without hard wiring them.

So, my MOTU 896mkIIHy audio interface wasn’t hooked up, so I didn’t need to use my drivers. If you are using an audio interface, I would trying using the supplied drivers. If you aren’t, I used the Direct Sound setting in Reaper for audio out and it worked fine.

maybe I got the offending crook

I have a couple of process, Bit Defender and Google Drive, that normally sucks 300-400 MB, but in certain circumstances they suck about 1 GB almost, and maybe more

I suspect that their RAM needs increases too much when Google Drive moves big files on the net and BD look at those strange bits flying away

I cannot kill either, because the first one keep my system safe, and the second keeps my work (translation) safe, but yesterday night I stopped Google Drive and found 1 GB more was available and the audio system was way more stable

about audio drivers my device is the NI Komplete Audio 1 and was considered not compliant with Windows 8 since a few months ago, at the point I was afraid to have bought a lemon

recently they updated the drivers that seems compliant now, so I hope they are fine

Now it’s to early to crow over a victory, because I have many tools running in the background, but I am hopeful that the culprit is close to be clapped in jail

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I wanted to buy a Focusrite first, but I found a rebate for the Komplete Audio 1, and considering I only needed an ASIO card (for latency) and 1 mic input, I thought it was fine

Well, we are a kind of colleagues. My basic education is university degree in languages and I worked as translator/interpreter a long time ago (in the 80’s), but then I discovered the IT and became developer and functional analyst.

we are a kind of colleagues in other ways BTW :grinning:
I was a vet before starting my new career in the 2000s

music is totally another thing: no job involved

now coming back to Reaper/Scaler crashes, I found that some plugins, poorly developed I suspect, are often the offending pest

but I also found that sometimes I have a crash simply switching from a plugin GUI to another without clicking before on the Stop button to stop the music: in this case I don’t understand if the problem is the my audio or video interface, some of the other plugins, or Scaler itself, because in these cases there are no shortages in CPU and RAM

I don’t know if Reaper is unique, but the plugins can be run in different modes, and I don’t know that it will help if at all.

Before loading Scaler, right-click instead and you can set up various “run as” modes, or this can be changed globally in project preferences.

I think it can at least be useful to sort things out.

Hi Miki

it seems the latest release fixed my RAM issues: Scaler 2.1.2 sucks about 1/10 of the previous amount and seems stable

now, after having reconstruct the story of my upgrades and crashes, I think that, at least in my system, the not working Scaler was the 2.1.0 or the 2.1.1 release