Reason 11 help please

Any videos or help regarding Reason 11

Hi mikcara, I use Scaler 2 with Reason 11 and they work well as long you don’t want to use any Reason instrument within Scaler. Reason don’t allow MIDI VSTs yet.
What do you want to know?

Thanks for the reply just wondering how you use Scaler2 with Reason??

Hi mikcara, I basically use it as a chord progression creating tool and I use it to improve the chord progression created by the use of the performances, phrases, rhythms, and arpeggios possibilities.
I normally generate 2 or 3 8 bars chord progressions and go on based on these.
I also use it to help create my melodies by the utilization of the keys-lock feature.
I generally put it in the scale white keys position in order to easy my keyboard playing. Once I use the modulation possibility, but I’m pretty learning it yet.
That’s it basically.
I hope that will help you.

Yes this is my use as well thank you looking forward to future updates FANTASTIC PRODUCT!!!

Yes, I agree with you 100%.