Recognize chord genre and sentiment from detected midi

The idea is that if I feed MIDI into Scaler (likely from an existing song in the piano rolle/arranger from the DAW), that Scaler tries to match chord progressions with any existing ones in the library, and if it finds matches, it shows the meta data, such as category/genre/sentiment (just like what it shows in the pull down menus when you select built-in chord progressions). If there are multiple entries, then just show it as a list, like you get when you search for scales.

This would be very helpful in better understanding what genres and/or sentiments are in an existing song (or something I accidentally “composed”), just like we get support in getting started from chord progressions that are organized by genre or sentiment.

Makes sense?


Yes, and have you tried to do that?

Googling for karaoke MIDIs I found this website

good idear!!!! :+1:

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What do you mean by that? I mean I have done this manually, having put together some melodies/chord progressions outside of Scaler or imported some existing MIDI file, not always from a well known song, sometimes just something friends out together, and then manually search for chord progressions in Scaler that are similar and look what they are called in Scaler, songwise, or the new I,VI,VIi format, describing sentiments like cheerful or suspenseful.

Just like Scaler can “detect” the name of a chord when playing MiDI notes into it, I am hoping that Scaler can detect known chord progressions, riffs etc, within some reasonable scope so it is not too complex to implement.

I believed you dropped a MIDI file on the Scaler GUI
totally another story then

I think people are getting too obsessed with there being genre associated with progressions. For the most part there in no genre implied by a chord progression. A series of chords is just a series of chords.
I - iv - V could literally be anything from film to folk to ambient.
ADDENDUM: This is just my opinion. I may of course be wrong.

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BTW, a bit OT: yesterday I tried to have Scaler audio recognizing my voice, and it worked!

The progression is quite in the “experimental field” but I think it can be useful sometimes
I’ll write a proof-of-concept

you mean singing?

Does it support rap? I know @yorkeman is keen on that ability :laughing:

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RAP has chords?
I believed it has one chord

yup, and it’s called bass drum, preferably 808 based. You know it is in tune when it blows out your car windows :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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@ClaudioPorcellana , you have eclectic tastes, perhaps you could work up some vocals for @Bernd 's project he outlined in a prior post :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. I’m sure you are familiar with the genre, but my benchmark is Niki Minaj, critically lauded and award winning artist, named by Time Magazine in the 100 most influential people in music.

Her eloquence and epanalepsis skills (suck that, Google Translate) are well illustrated by her typical lyrics which received critical acclaim, in the following link

You can perhaps see why rap is not exactly my bag :roll_eyes:… if this is the future of music, I’m going back to trying to compose skiffle (or in Italian ‘skiffle’ / German ‘skiffle’, according to Google)

[More seriously, is this really what the most popular ‘music’ genre in the USA has actually come to ?? What happened to the Eagles?]

Do you mean this 808?
he he

are your sure that you love Nicki Minaj “voice”?
:thinking: :crazy_face: :rofl:

Anyway, I must admit I have some rap in my record library: less than a dozen of Eminem’s vibes
I don’t know why, but some of them are agreable; for example

No, this one.
Make sure you listen to this at maximum volume on your 800 Watt car stereo :wink:

I don’t have car stereo
And the naked truth is I don’t have a car :rofl:

can I use it on my bicycle?

Reading this thread back It struck me that as I am English, and thus an alien weirdo on the board (and perhaps with an unconventional turn of phrase, as they say) misunderstandings may have occurred

So just in case - for absolute clarity - the post about Ms Minaj above was intended as a sarcastic comment from an old man’s perspective on modern ‘music’ (and particularly lyrics) , and from someone whose vinyl collection is well populated with Phil Spector 45s.

[I even have a juke box to play them on … ]

When I witness the self-depraction of those who feel “too old”, I try to imagine what I will reminisce about when I am old(er). Will it be old-fashioned to store music on .mp3 files on hard discs, when new generations will consume music via neuro-link receptors from the 8G cloud? :wink:

One benefit of being old(er) is that IMHO one develops a better ability to perceive matters generically and not very specifically. The young focus on the minutia, when it doesn’t really matter (for example) what format is used to store the Niki MInaj rap, and in any event it will change next year. The general principles remain remarkably static over time, and age brings that perspective - we don’t care about specific technology.

However, for me the real benefit of being old(er) is that you have had more time to be responsible for serial cock-ups. My value and asset generating capacity increased markedly with age, not because I knew what to do, but I knew what not to do. The young will, in the absence of “screw-up wisdom”, be doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past - and there is value in helping them to avoid doing that.

In other words, if you thought of the things you screwed up with your mp3s and discs, there will be a generic equivalent with the neuro gizmos brought about by faulty thinking and workflow etc; machines and technology change quickly, but humans don’t.

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LOL, mine was a pun thinking on how pretty is “that” rapper…

Nice jukebox, anyway: how much for 3 songs?

It reminds me of the collection of “100 lire” (100 lire = 3 songs) we made at the Nirvana’s rotonda sul mare
The Nirvana was a modern bathing establishment in Noli (SV) that sported a round space with no walls and a roof, close to the beach and the sea, where we danced songs impossible-to-dance like Whole Lotta Love in the seventies

BTW, @davide can imagine people dancing Whole Lotta Love?

You should rename this post “Welcome to the Comedy Forum”. Stand up comedy with Scaler.

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