Record Generated MIDI directly into Ableton

So I know how to drag generated midi from Scaler 2. I.e, MIDI Capture > Play Chord Progression> Stop MIDI Capture> Drag into Ableton MIDI track. No problem.

What I want to know is how do I record the generated MIDI directly into Ableton? If Set up track record in Ableton and hit Record in the usual way, and I press Chord Progression Play, I can hear the chords (or Expressions, if activated) play through my midi track, but those chords or expressions are not recorded in Ableton. A MIDI clip is created while Ableton records but it remains blank.

Or is the only way to get the generated MIDI into a track by way of the MIDI Capture and Drag method? Just wondering…


Hi Andre, welcome to the Scaler community! When you setup for the MIDI recording, does your configuration look like this?

Hi Andre the answer is yes. If you want the actual MIDI you need to MIDI Capture. Easy enough.

OK thanks for replying.

There is another indirect way of course, but it entails routing the midi from the Scaler channel to another midi channel. When you do that the midi generated by Scaler when you press Chord Progression Play is routed to, and can be recorded directly on the other midi channel without having to Capture Midid and Drag.

Weird that you can do that on another midi channel but not on the one that Scaler is located…

Andre, I think that behavior is Ableton-typical, no?

On a related note: and not sure if it is obvious to others, I just discovered this very useful behavior by accident… when you have a chord progression in Scaler 2, and pick one of the expressions and whatever other customizations in terms of voicing etc, and then drag & drop the chord progression directly into the DAW’s piano roll, it will actually create the MIDI notes for the proper expression and not just the raw chord notes sustained. That makes it more efficient than MIDI capture it (which takes more time as it has to play out the progressions in real-time), for this particular scenario at least.

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Yes indeed and same if you have all different settings in edit mode and drag the lot!

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Ah yes! I didn’t know that. This is definitely the most efficient way to do it. Thanks for pointing that out Bernd.


With arpeggiator plugins I send the midi to another track with a synth on it.

So if you have that kind of setup with Scaler just hit the record button on that other track.