Recording doesn't work in GarageBand Live Loops mode on ipadOS 16

Hello, I have the latest version of Scaler for my Apple Ipad Pro M1. Sync to DAQ works only in classic mode but not in Live Loops mode. When I hit record, the Scaler starts recording chords but when I check it back, the recorded cell is empty without chords/notes.

Hi @dacan and welcome to the forum,

thanks for reporting we will have a look at your issue.

Are you trying to record notes/chord into Scaler or to record the output of Scaler into a loop in your DAW?

I will tell you exactly what I did:

  1. Start GarageBand
  2. Choose Live Loops mode
  3. Add instrument
  4. Select Audio Unit Extensions
  5. Choose Scaler 2 Lite (or Scaler 2)
  6. Load 4 chords into C section
  7. Select DAW sync ON in settings
  8. Hit record button
  9. It starts recording but without sound and when I stop there are no chords on a loop cell.

Thank you a lot.

Hi @dacan

in Live Loop mode the plugin playback is not activated by GarageBand. Only the user input will be recorded into your loop. As a workaround, you can record your progression in the track view with the DAW-Sync activated and copy-paste the MIDI into the loop view.