Recording live chord progression midi using mouse clicks

Hello all… i’ve searched for this but couldn’t find anything.

I am using FL Studio 20 and I know you can export the midi of chord sets or progressions into FL’s piano roll by dragging them in but is there anyway to record the midi of chord sets as you mouse click them live/real-time into the piano roll as well? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @dudaman

I am not an FL Studio expert so I can’t tell you exactly how to do this.
In other DAW we usually redirect the MIDI output of Scaler to another track and record the midi signal from there which allows you to record strumming and arpeggio performances.

Other users are using “MIDI Freeze” plugins which allow to record the midi of a track and then drag it to you desired location.

Thanks for the reply Ed1… i have redirected the midi output of Scaler to the midi input of a vst instrument in order to hear the chosen sound of that vst instrument. However, whenever I try to record, nothing appears in my piano roll window. In FL Studio, the piano roll window is what most people use to record in…fyi.