Recording Scaler 2 Chord Progressions

Is there a way I can record Scaler chord progressions straight onto the playlist on FL Studio 20? I want to use the effects that Scaler has but i want to record them onto the playlist and use them like samples

Hi @DruuDown ! You should be able to just drag chord progressions from Scaler directly to the FL Studio piano roll and it will drop the MIDI patterns there.

but i like some of the effects that Scaler has like the Sticatto strings…i want that sound

Oh, you mean you want to bounce the audio coming out Scaler…that should be no problem either. Just arm your Scaler track in FL and press record while it plays your chord progression with its internal instruments. Makes sense?

ok i have scaler sent to a track on the mixer and i have the arm button for recording selected but it is not recording it onto the playlist like i figured it would…is there another way of arming to record that im missing?

its actually not recording at all…

Try “Quick render as audio clip” in the Pattern context menu…

It is FL Studio’s version of “Bounce”

it works! the only thing that kind of sucks is it will not record the chord progressions if it auto plays. i have to manually punch in the chords with my keyboard but i guess we cant have it all lol

Not sure what you mean with “auto play”? Like the play button within Scaler? Playing a chord progression within Scaler without dropping it into the FL piano roll?

I’ve never really used FL Studio & Scaler that way, but just having experimented with it, looks like you can put Edison (FL’s audio recorder) into the FX chain of your Scaler track.

And then once Scaler plays its internal chord progressions on its internal instruments, you can record Scaler’s audio output into Edison. Then once you’re done, you can send the recorded audio from Edison to another FL track.


nice! I’ve gotten both of these methods to work. Thank you so much!

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This remark made me wonder if you knew that you can drag & drop chord progressions (or individual chords) from within Scaler into the DAW piano roll? You should not have to manually recreate the chords in your DAW when you already have them in Scaler. Try to select your chords in Scaler (you can lasso select a whole group) and drag them over to a FL piano roll and they should show up as MIDI there. And then you can do the “render as audio clip” (that’s what I did above for explaining the process)

I know about the drag and drop but i want to use the sounds that come out of Scaler like the Sticatto Strings or the Felt Piano. I’m assuming you mean drag and drop them into something like FL Keys on the Channel Rack…? if i do that ill just get the sounds of FL Keys and i want the Scaler sounds…i might be misunderstanding something though…

OK i figured it out…i dropped it into the SCALER piano roll and made it into an audio clip…much easier haha thanks man

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