Recreating Detroit internal sound on a synth?

Love the ‘Detroit’ internal sound in Scaler2 for this track I am working on but want to recreate it in a synth so I can mod some parameters. Any tips? Or maybe the devs remember what the samples were created with even.

It’s old, but still can sound good in context. Many synths have two or three ‘Detroit’ pre-sets.

For this one, looking at the source ‘flac’ might give some clues. There appears to be a longer envelope over the basic sound. This latter is essentially sine which shows shows modulation by another waveform over time

The left and right channel are offset to create some ‘phasey’ aspect.

It’s harder to analyse this from a sampler like Scaler, but if you can find another similar sounding patch on a subtractive synth, you maybe able to get the parameters from an editor.
BTW, the flacs are surely proprietary IP, so I have included the pics on a ‘fair use’ basis.

[Later 2109 230617] You didn’t say what synth you had, bit, but a quick lok showed multiple patches in my VSTs. If you have Arturia’s Analog V, you could check the parameters for patches like ‘Dream Chord Maker’.

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Easy, an oldie but a goodie!

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Thank you both! Very helpful.