Reimport captured MIDI

I am a newbie, so excuse my ignorance:
Scaler 2 on an iPad Pro (iOS), captured a MIDI sequence and saved it internally. How to re import that MIDI sequence again and play it back, there is only a SAVE button?? How to play back the MIDI again later?
thanks for abrief guidance

Hi @Walter and welcome to the forum.

At this stage Scaler does not support importing Midi though this is on the roadmap.
The function of Midi capture is to capture the performances you create within Scaler and then be able to export this midi to a DAW for use on other tracks. This is why there is only a save option and no way to reimport it.
Saved chord progressions and Scaler States can be saved and recalled though, so if you create a great performance and chord progression that you may want to play later, you can save the entire state and this can be recalled later with any performances that you had set up.

Hope this helps.

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Hi James
thanks for enlighten me.
If I understand you correctly, after recalling the entire state I will be able to drag the saved MIDI sequence onto my DAW or elsewhere.
I will give it a try.
cheers Walter

Hi @Walter,

Here is a great demonstration of midi capture in action with Scaler iPad: Scaler 2 For iPad Beginner Tips & Tricks - YouTube

This is another video that explains the process using Scaler midi capture for desktop: Scaler 2 New Feature | MIDI Capture Function - YouTube

The main difference between the two is that for the desktop versions of Scaler you can drag directly onto your DAW, whereas with iPad you need to export the capture first.