Removing a Note From a Chord

Hey Scaler Family,

Hope everyone is safe and doing well. After a long fight (a year) with Covid I am finally able to make music again. Take nothing for granted Family. Life is shorter than you think … thank God I made it through. So forgive me if I am asking a redundant question or something I probably forget how to do. I cant remember a lot of things.

After Scaler detects a chord, how do I modify that chord? Wasn’t it a way to right click on the chord and chose an option to add a note or take away a note? Thanks for your assistance.

Check out the tutorial on the CHORD page: Introduction to the CHORDS page. To remove a note

navigate to the CHORD page
select the chord by clicking on th elittle yellpw triangle in the top righ-thand corner

the notes of the chord will be shown on the keyboard

click on a note on the keyboard to remove it.