Repetitive Motion Challenge with Track Pad and Play Button

Does anyone else have any issue with traversing the interface from Artist/Song to Playback button and back again during auditioning of chord sets?
It would be nice to have mini play buttons right next to the artist/song drop-downs for quicker and less straining motion (old man wrist motion). Or possibly a shortcut key for playback conforming to binding choice.

Hey MG…this helps my “old man wrist”.

If you select a Song/Artist, then close the list but keep that list UI highlighted, you can use the down arrow on your keyboard to walk the items in the list while you leave your mouse over the play button and just click to play. It does require some 2 finger gymnastics, but I do it all the time when I’m moving through the patterns and want to hear them back to back.

You can do something similar with performance mode, you just need to loop a pattern (section C) while scrolling down the performance list with your down arrow.

Hope this helps that wrist.

As member of the old man wrist club I can emphasize…my workaround is this…

Just put down a MIDI pattern in your DAW, starting with C2 (bound to Scaler key binding for section [A]) and start DAW play, while using arrow keys to browse through Artist/Song presets. And if you want to restart play you can use DAW play key (space bar? or MIDI controller play button).


Thanks a lot guys, great suggestions.

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