Replacing chords in existing midi track

I may be missing something here as I am new to Scaler but it seems that it is most useful for creating new content, not modifying existing Midi content. I have numerous pieces that I would like to experiment with different chord versions and voicing but keep the rhythm of the chord changes etc. Can Scaler 2 do that? I know it can detect both midi and Audio sound sources and make chord suggestions but can you overwrite the existing midi chords on a chord by chord basis? My apologies if this is too basic but I have not seen a way to do this.

There’s a method I can suggest, but you’d need to be a Cubase Pro user. Other DAWs may have similar functions that would make this possible. Cubase wouldn’t do it perfectly in terms of voicings, but you’d be able to come pretty close and then edit to improve the final sounds, but your basic rhythms would be preserved.

Anyway, sorry, I can’t say “yes” do XYZ and you’re there. I’m also new to Scaler and others may have better suggestions about doing this with Scaler alone.

It’s a good question. If I find a way to do this, I’ll post here.

Thanks for the response. I am a longtime Sonar user. Yes, I know it is pretty outdated and I have been reluctant to jump into another DAW due to price and learning curve. If you come up with a generic process I would really appreciate any suggestions.



Upon further review I think I may have a solution for you.

I loved Sonar. I went from Voyetra Sequencer Plus Gold, to Cakewalk, to Sonar, to Cubase Pro.

Let me make sure I have this right. You have tracks from a previous project and you like the harmonic rhythm of the chords, but you want to use those rhythms with new chords? Yes?

It may take some trial and error to make this work, but, in theory, I think it should. Take your original midi track with the chords you want to change to new chords and duplicate it to protect the original. Go to the new track and Delete all but one voice, but make sure you preserve the rhythms. Now, copy that track to the Scaler Track (or assign Scaler to that New MIDI Track) with the new chords you want to use. Then simply map the notes to the new chords without changing their position. With DAW Synch Off, Scaler will play the new chords with the existing rhythms from the previous project. The only problems you might have is if Expressions are on as this may interrupt the original harmonic rhythms.

Once you have your Scaler Track playing the New Chords with the “Old” rhythms, it will be simple to re-record parts with different instruments to further edit the music.

Good luck with this.


Thanks for the suggestions and thinking of a working process. I understand your approach and will certainly give it a try.