Report (with cautions) after 30 minutes with Insta Composer

I just bought a copy of IC (22) to see if it had anything to offer. [This is just like having hardware ‘gear acquisition syndrome’, but much easier on the pocket than buying things made of chips and stuff). Here are some initial comments (but I may well be wrong on all points after such a short check)

1 As far as I can see it only handles diatonic ionian and aeolean modes (called ‘major’ and ‘minor’, and the first mode of the harmonic scale (odd, I would have thought they would have done melodic minor) [Note : Scaler can do any mode e.g. Phrygian Dominant…] This may be restrictive for some (anybody doing Jazz and probably @jamieh and @Bernd ).

2 Here’s the snag. Midi is output on 5 channels, and if you are a Live user you can’t connect with that, even if you use a multi-timbral synth, as I do (Omnisphere). [With the latter it can be used multi-timbrally if you have, say, 5 tracks feeding Midi which are directed to whichever channel in Omnisphere.]
Unfortunately you have the same problem if you use N instances of a mono-timbral VST with Insta Composer.

As Plugin Boutique point out on their web site, you need some form of midi routing to do this and recommend Blue Cat Patchwork, for which they have put up a video. I could use my copy of Bome Translator to do this, but it’s way too hard for a Sunday afternoon, so I coughed up £84 for this (nearly 4 x as much as Insta Composer …) on the (possibly spurious) grounds that it might be generally helpful at some time.

3 It follows that level mixing has to be done in Blue Cat. The size of the controls make Scaler’s look massive :frowning:

4 Omnisphere repeatedly crashes Live with this set up so it’s clear there is a problem with that combination somewhere.

5 I’ve concluded that if / when I use it, I will follow a pattern similar to how I use Scaler, namely, to sketch things out in Insta Composer, then drag midi into Live. Since the tracks are then separated by channel, it will then allow me to use Omnisphere multi-timbrally. .

I haven’t really had much time to play around and see what the sequences are that it can produce. At least from my perspective, it’s not in the same application area, and I think for ‘pro’ use (that’s not me) it won’t be a bother to Scaler.

You are a … Baby, You're A Rich Man (Remastered 2009) - YouTube

… retired, and hence poor.

When I was working my kit looked like this

or real money, this

This just goes to show how lucky we now are, with fantastic recoding facilities for a small fraction of a few years ago. Plugin B are selling scaler from £25 - you have to admit it’s fabulous value nowadays, and you don’t have to be rich to have it.


Another option is Unify. I’ve played with the demo and it seems pretty useful for this kind of thing:

I bought the Blue Cat product … Damn! I’ve got Unify and didn’t realise it had this capability :cry:

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Sorry you missed that. I did get Unify specifically for that purpose, and because of previous discussions in this forum. After the fact I found Unify quite useful for other purposes as well, such as very CPU efficient multi plugin ensembles, and clever preset system.

The five channels in Insta Composer can feed into a single track in Logic Pro using Kontakt Player that has 5 different instruments, each assigned a different midi channel, on the same track. ScalerControl 2 can be used in the same track to modify the Kontakt output.
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