Request new functions


Thanks for making the great software. Scaler is necessary for my music life.
I have 2 requests for more improvement.

1. Enter chord name manually
Sometimes I’d like to add chord name manually.
For example:
C A A# E … Scaler suggests Aminb9 but I want to name it C13
F# C E G# … Scaler suggests F#7(sus2 b5) but I want to name it Caug/F#

2. Memo function
I often use Scaler for analyzing songs. Sometimes I’d like to add memo to remember how to use it.

Please consider them if it suits your interest.



I agree. I have requested #1 above in the past too.

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MeldaProductions have a free Notepad plugin that goes on your track to keep notes. Very handy. And it’s free.

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