Resizing Issues 1.8

I have contacted support about this issue but have not heard back so I was wondering if anyone has had or is still having issues with a screen that has no way to resize? I haven’t had the program long and was going to use it for the first time about two weeks ago and once I registered it, the right side and bottom of the screen is cutoff and un-useable. There are no handles either at the top right or bottom right to resize to access full screen and use of the program. The lenght of time it is taking to get a response and resolution is really becoming annoying now and it’s holding up my projects. If anyone has had this same issue and has a resolution, I would really appreciate it. I am using Scaler in Pro Tools Ultimate 2019. I have also place the plugin on a track in Cakewalk Sonar Platinum and Presonus Studio One 4 and the program is responding the exact same way with the other DAW’s. I am running Window’s 10 Pro 64 bit.

Hi @jeffreylh

sorry for the delayed reply, are you using any “scaling” or custom parameter in your operating system or DAW that could affect the calculation of your screen resolution ?


Hi there Ed,
No, I haven’t done ANY scaling of any kind to either my DAW or operating system. I have never had a problem with any other program including the ones I’ve purchased or demo’d from plugin boutique. The first issue I had with this program was that I could not get past the first screen to even be able to license it and your support told me to modify the data file which I did and was able to access the program but once I could access it, I could not access the right or bottom of the page. I was told be support to Alt-Click on the logo to be able to resize but that did nothing but bring up the credit screen. See attached image of what I now get

Hi @jeffreylh

sorry for the late reply,

It seems on your screenshot that your icons are really big compared to the image size of 1920×1080. This could be because the Windows interface is scaled up.

You can check the value by using right-click on your desktop and click Display Settings in the “Scale and Layout” section, there is a zoom percentage and the display resolution. Would you mind sharing those with us so we can do more tests.

Also, you can try to change those values to check if ProTools initializes Scaler with a larger window.


Hi Ed,

Your suggestion did the trick. I have always had my scale at 125% because all my icons and text was way too small and I would always strain to see everything so I’ve had it set like this since I’ve owned this specific pc (approx 4 years). I have never had a problem with any plugin at that scale so I reduced the scale to 100% and now Scaler displays properly.

I thank you very much for offering a solution to this issue because I would have never thought to change my scaling for the reasons stated above.I am now excited to start using the program and again, thank you for spending the time assisting me.


Great ! It will also help us figure out where the calculation goes wrong.
Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile: