Riffer discounted license

Hi there

After having tested and bought Riffer I understood it’s not for me
I contacted them to see if I were able to sell the license to others, and they replied politely as below

We do not provide the option to resell or transfer a license to another user account.
Please find below the End User License Agreement:
Terms & License Agreement | Audiomodern

However, it is very important for us to provide tools that will help the users’ workflow.
Since you are not interested in using Riffer, we agree to transfer the license to another user account.

Please send us your license key in order to void it.

We will also need to be contacted by the new user in order to add Riffer to his/her account.
That would also be recommended for the new user to include this Ticket No. XXXX or your email address in his email.
Let me know how I can further help,
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so, if somebody is interested, I can give you “the option to have your own license” at 35€ instead of 49@

let me know

IDK if that will sell here
Scaler > Riffer

Price wise too, im jus saying…

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Ahem… I don’t understand…
Too much slang to me

Maybe you are telling that riffer cannot be sold here because it’s much worse than Scaler?
Yes, you are right, but I don’t know another place to try
i.e. the only musicians I know are here


I dont know if anyone here would be interested in buying a license from an inferior product, feature wise & cost.

Scaler is greater than Riffer, feature wise & cost wise, so that would be a very hard sell, unless Riffer was already on somebody “To Buy” list.

You’d prob have better luck at one of the marketplaces for plugins (I’ll try to find one and give you the link)

thanks for help,


If someone is interested there, be sure to check their profile for longevity & reputation.
Good Luck

bad experience with them
I was removed by their forum without a notice, and the manager refused to explain
thanks anyway

it isn’t the only marketplace, so you can check for alternatives.
i was just trying to point you in the right direction

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