Riffs not sounding for most chords in B Minor Blues Hexatonic Scale

Select B Minor Blues Hexatonic Scale, then turn on Perform, choose Melody, and choose Riff A All. Set Melody Style to Melody (that is, no chords). Play through the chords in the scale. Only the first two (B min, D maj) play a riff, the others are silent or play one note. Many of the other riffs behave similarly, with chords after the first two producing no riff or a small subset of one.

Hi @RandomS

you are right, they don’t play the full pattern because most of the chords derived in this scale only contain 2 notes. This is a known limitation at the moment.

I would suggest looking for more complete chords in the “Variations” tab of the Section B if you plan to feed one of the expression mode.

Understood, and your suggestion works great!