Rockin' Scaler 2.4 with Bitwig Studio

Rockin’ Scaler 2.4 in Bitwig Studio

Here is a video demo from my of a live performance setup I’ve created using Scaler 2.4, Bitwig Studio 4.0, and a Novation Launchpad Pro Mk3.

The overall idea is that MIDI notes and CCs have been saved in clips for triggering, and several instances of Scaler have been applied to tracks in Bitwig to accept the commands from the clips and perform music in response.

Using the “DrivenByMoss” driver for the LPP Pro Mk3 in Bitwig, these ‘Scaler Control Group’ clips may be triggered from the Launchpad just like any other clips.

The Bitwig clips and the Scalers have been programmed in a complementary way (via what Scaler calls “MIDI binding”) so that performance axes representing scale, chord set, individual chord, and specific performance are all simultaneously available for the user to command.

Bitwig Studio is a powerful, unique environment, and being able to easily control Scaler in it opens up many musical possibilities for performance and/or composition.

Respect and kudos to Jürgen Moßgraber, and to the programmers at Bitwig, and Scaler who have created the cooperative capabilities in their programs that allow this new and wonderful kind of music-making to exist!

I will follow up by posting a Bitwig template which should enable anyone with the same hardware and software to get up and operating with this setup as a point of departure. After that, just change instruments (in the DAW), chord collections and performances (in Scaler) and you will be far along into your own new world of musical performance and composition very quickly.


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Here is the Bitwig Studio template file:

Bitwig - Scalar Contol Group (SCG) Only 01a.bwtemplate.mid (530.4 KB)

To use it, download it, rename it to delete the ‘.mid’ at the end, then unzip it in your Bitwig Studio → Library → Templates folder.

Bitwig SCG Location


This .zip contains XML exports of the 3 different Scaler instances used in the project - one for bass, one for electric piano, and one for “color” synth.

SJ Three Scaler 2.4 Import (11.1 KB)


I’ve also posted on my Progster Music channel two “deep dive” instructional videos that cover many details of what the template does, how it is organized, and how to use it.

Scaler - Bitwig Project 01 Instances And Sounds

Scaler - Bitwig Project 01 Scalar Control Group


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@sj1 Good stuff, thanks for sharing Progster! I have a similar setup, except for the cool Linnstrument, and instead of a Novation I have a Maschine Jam as my clip launcher, but same concept. And I second the compliments for Moss, he’s done great work for the MIDI controller community in Bitwig!

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Very good ideas. I had something like that in Ableton but not quite as sophisticated. Great ideas there.

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