Roland Edirol Orchestral for free

Hi there

I just found a nice free tool that works perfectly with Scaler MMO: tried with Scaler I was able to drive up to 8-9 instruments

And I found that this old gem contains many cool features: for example, many classical orchestra presets with the relevant instruments properly placed in space already, an informative feature that lacks in BBC SO Discover, for example

have fun


Nice, where did you find this? Their site says discontinued with no links to the product.


Hi Tim

a minute that I check it

I grabbed it here

and you can just read the manual here

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Thanks! It didn’t pop up for me when I googled …


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I also had to try different places to find it :grin:

it’s an amazing tool, and a shame that the development stopped, because it is easy to play, works like a charm with Scaler MMO, and sports also a Multi-Midi-Out, even if I’ve not found a way to take advantage of the Multi-Midi-Out

I still have to read the manual (found just now)

it is only 32 bit… good job I have moved to Reaper it sounds good

he he

or one can use iBridge that works in the other DAWs, and is cheap

To get Ableton Live to work I have to purchase jBridge ( 15EUR) Blue Cat Patchwork (80EUR) +??? This is getting expensive when for $60 I can have Reaper.

And for $0 you can have Cakewalk by Bandlab now, that’s what I’ve been using for 15+ years. Another learning curve for a DAW, but it’s free and IMO an excellent DAW for the basement enthusiast! No JBribridge necessary with Cakewalk.


I have it but but gave up because of the stability issues

ah, sure, I meant “for other DAWs, apart of Ableton” :grin:

I mean that to use a 32 bit plugin I need jBridge, and to use MVO I need either Blue Cat Patchwork or Plugin Guru Unify (79 USD) in Ableton Live.

And when a new release of Live is released the upgrade cost is 100+ GBP. Even after taxes Reaper is only 60 GBP.

I will continue to use Live for some tings, but I am unlikely to upgrade it. I would probably revert to Cakewalk if I didn’t like Reaper.

or you can go to Bitwig :grin:

I use it a lot of times when I need a mockup midi fast idea about complex sequences.
And the Oboe its simply warmmmmm… To say that all the instruments (less solo strings) are very playable.
Great vsti. True

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BTW, these 60 GBP are good for more than 2 years of updates. In fact, I even don’t remember when I paid for the version 6 the last time :slight_smile: We are on 6.73 and v 7 (and payment of 60 GBP or so) is even not around the corner. Maybe in 6 months, depending on the frequency of releases which is certainly not weekly. Hehe.

Whats the catch? How do they make money?

Hi Bernd,

I have been a Cakewalk Sonar since Home Studio 2004. When Cakewalk went under in 2017/18 ish, it was resurrected by Bandlab and has been free ever since. The developers have released updates on a semi-monthly basis and the forum is active and helpful, see: Welcome to the new forum! - News & Announcements - Cakewalk Discuss | The Official Cakewalk by BandLab Forum for some details.


As with the rest of the low end software world, Bandlab knew that a one off licence was not going to work. Since to get Cakewalk you have to open an account, and connect for service upgrades I believe the goal is to get people to subscribe to various paid services. Cakewalk complements some of the other services/ products they have for music creation. They also host material. IMHO, Cakewalk is now just bait, and by downloading you have told them that you like making music, and given them your e-mail. At worst it boosts the mailing list. At best , you might become customer.

I suspect that they paid more or less nothing for it anyway - fire sale. Gibson lost all market share and I don’t think that as a standalone product there was any credible business proposition for a buyer on that basis.

Interesting info panda, didn’t know that.


Not sure Rolland allow any commercial work with this, i have search and so far there is no clear indication that we can use it for commercial project!