Rollover Help

Rollover Help is something I would like to be improved dramatically throughout Scaler! That’s the teacher coming out of me. I don’t think learning should be a guessing game.

You could have the option to turn it off or on. If there is a button to be pressed, an option to be made, or just a particular style possible, then there should be clear information to help the user understand and decide.


I think you mean Tooltips. Tooltips is available in Scaler. It is enabled in Settings ->Preferences.

The otuput of the tooltip is not very obvious, it is at the bottom of the GUI.

I agree that tooltips could be better presented. I believe that the Dev Team is working on an improved GUI and hopefully this is one of the improvements.

never seen it before :cold_face:
he he, OMMV (our mileage may vary)

Hi @ed66

Your right about Tooltips.

I would like to see this improved to incorporate not just tools. As a new feature, button, style, or loop is added, a Help File should be created and added to the PopUp Roll Over system. As you say, it is easy to miss, so maybe a window close to the item would be best.

Just an idea.