Root note, inversions and Multi-out

Hi Scaler team,

In my workflow, I try to use multi-out to be as flexible as possible. It works really well with Scaler as long as the root note comes from Channel 2, which I use for the bass.

I also enjoy playing with chord inversion. But when doing so, the note coming from channel 2 becomes different from the root and it affects the tonality of the chord. Would it be possible to keep one channel to be always the root note, no matter what the chord inversion is? I hope that’s clear.

Sorry if this feature is already available. If it’s the case, could you please tell me how to enable it?

Thanks !

I think you may be confused about how multi out works. To summarise the output channels are:

Channel 1 outputs the whole chord
Channel 2 outputs the bottom note of the chord
Channel 3 outputs the second note of the chord
Channel 4 outputs the third note of the chord.

So if you are playng the first inversion of C maj

Channel 1 outputs the whole chord (E,G,C)
Channel 2 outputs E
Channel 3 outputs G
Channel 4 outputs C.

Channel 2 should not output C because that is the root and you are using an inversion.

There is a short tutorial introducing Multi Out although it is based on Reaper.

If you want to retain the root in the bass whilst still using inversions this is not musically an inversion, it is a voicing. To achieve it try using voicings for your chords such as voicing 2, 4 or7. Alternatively you could add the bass on the CHORD page when you create the inversion of the original chord…

Hope this helps clarify Multi Out.

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Hi ed66,

Thank you very much for your help ! I was misunderstanding the difference between inversion and voicing… Will definitely try using voicings !

May I ask you what do you mean by “adding the bass” when I create the inversion on the CHORD page please?

If I’m using this alternative way, does it mean that the root will still fall in Channel 2 ?

If you are using Multi out then you need to have the lowest note the root if you want it on Channel 2. There are ways of working with it this way but might be easier to set up a 2nd Scaler just for bass.


You can add notes to a chord on the CHORDS page simply by clicking on the note on the keyboard (see The Chord Page: Entering Custom Chords).

Having chosen your inversion simply add the bass note.

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Thank you two !

I will also try the solution of sync two instances of Scaler, maybe it’s easier