Routing issues external VSTs - Ableton

Hi folks!
Love the app, but I’m having issues routing the midi out of Scaler2 into a midi track. It used to work but I can’t find the option in the dropdown menu under the pre/post. See screenshot. Any help would be much appreciated. I’m on a Mac, operating Monterey using Ableton 11 Standard.

This is odd. Just tried it using Ableton 11, Scaler 2.7.3 (but on Win 10) and it is as normal…

Yeah, that’s weird. It’s not giving me the option for the second pulldown menu - only pre and post. Hopefully, someone on here has a fix.

What changed? Did you upgrade something? When did it change?

Just for clarification, in your first post you said “option in the dropdown menu under the pre/post” (as I expected), but here you mention “a second drop down”. I guess you means as the first post - it’s the third item on the drop down - there is only one, as shown here …

Whatever, it must be some combination with your system that’s causing the issue.

Ah, I was being dumb. I didn’t read your post properly.

I suddenly realised that there was no fader on the track (and hence no instrument), and therefore you wanted to route MIDI arriving on the track. The (hard to read) label I think said ‘Unitor’, so I’m guessing that this is something like a Unitor 8 multiport interface, and that will on send the MIDI to some VST hosted in another device.

I’ve emulated that setup, I think. It now is as under

Here I have an external MIDI port (lm p6) and have routed the track MIDI to that. Now when I play scaler you can see the MIDI from Scaler on the track indicator.

Then I set up another host (Cantabile - and added port ‘test lmp6 (delete)’ to it, and routed the output to an instance of a DUNE 3 synth, I then called up a midi monitor on the input link. the clip shows this, together with the received MIDI

If this is what you were trying to achieve then it works ok, as as you see Scaler is picked up in live as expected.

So I think the area to examine is the set of of the remote port in the Live options (mine looks like this

and then check the Unitor settings. It looks like the title is greyed out so there could be an issue there.

So I think what you want to do is fine, but some box is not ticked, or a bad setting on the MIDI interface.

Hope this helps …

Thank you! This is super helpful. I’m going to try this when I get to the studio this evening.

I have the same issue as the original poster. I’m on a Mac too, operating Monterey using Ableton 11 Suite.

this was the issue: Scaler Audio Unit (AU) does not provide input for external VST in Ableton Live