S2 - Could Scale Lock follow Chord Progs? (Idea)

Hi all,

Awesome work on S2. Curious though, if its possible that “Scale Lock” could follow a previous Chord Progression (that maybe another S2 Instance was playing back). So the new instance automatically switches to its Scale in sync with the other).

Trying to figure a way to do this manually but no luck so far.

Many Thanks

Curious problem you are having. :wink:

I bought Scaler2 less than 3 days ago, so I’m totally new. Having said that, I am also a retired programmer (not hacker, programmer). I will try to help with a few suggestions.

Let me also say, that I have been playing Sax since the age of 7 and I am almost 60 yo. I would like to get something out to you and others regarding chord theory. Locking everything into the same chords can be highly advisable, however, it can also become very limiting.

There are times when you want different instruments or groups of instruments to be playing different chords. But if locking is what you want, then here goes:

On the highest level… Have you tried Settings (cog wheel) => Export State? Once you export, you should be able to import this “saved” state into multiple tracks within your DAW.

On a lesser level… Have you tried exporting the midi to a track and routing that track to multiple tracks with S2 installed on each of those tracks and using the chord track to trigger “keylock” play-along?

Have you also tried duplicating tracks? As I understand, S2 has its own track and S2 targets a midi or audio track. So there are a pair of tracks. If you select both tracks, you should be able to duplicate them as a group, and they should maintain the same relationship as the original tracks had to each other.

What I am saying sounds complicated, but maybe I am not saying it exactly right. I have not used Scaler 2 yet. I have been busy this weekend and had to finish some chores today. Hopefully I can use Scaler 2 for the first time tomorrow.

I hope what I have said makes sense and helps instead of hinders. And most importantly, I hope that I have understood the problem that you are having.

Have a great day.

Nice work and thank you for helping out. Also you can SYNC all scalers too!

Many thanks LivingE and Dav but thats not quiet what i mean. Let me try and explain my clumsy 1st post…

Supposing I have 4 Chords working well together but one of those Chords are not in Scale overall. I’m curious if there is some way to Sync Scaler where it might switch Detected Scales automatically and momentarily (to match that Odd Chord) while in playback so that it could be possible to use Keylock in realtime performance.

Hope that makes sense.

(Taking nothing away from a fantastic Plug btw. Congrats!)

Uh huh. You want to modulate accomodate that chord. The short answer is no but chord notes and chord extensions in keys lock will apply to whatever chord you have triggered so kind of yes. You could also select your four chords and detect them to see if they do all fit scale. Hope that makes sense

Yes thanks again. Playing around with it and its making more sense to redetect.