S2 - Guitar pondering

Hi Guys,

S2 testing. Looks great. Well done to all. I have some pondering on the Guitar Tab/playback though. I hope I’m explaining myself here so forgive my ignorance.

When trying to play realistic Guitar via Keys, us non players don’t understand the fundamentals of the instrument. So our amazingly complex Piano Chords may not transition in the same exact way to a Real Guitar.

I believe this realistic “performance” technology is implemented in PLUGs like “Ample Sound - Acoustic Guitars”. I guess it limits the amount of notes/strings that its physically possible to Play on a Guitar V Keys?.

Is such a thing considered in Scaler Guitar Tab or maybe is that something a some later point. I may be misunderstanding the differences though.

Anyway, well done again and best of success to you Guys.

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We’ve got one of the worlds best guitarist on board and he feels we should be making it easier for up and coming guitarist to see where and how they should be playing the chords. The Scaler team has, as a priority, an agenda to focus on guitars and guitarist in an up and coming update.
Stay tuned.


Very cool. Great to know. :love_you_gesture:

Super +1!

Guitar voicings!!

Also, please allow for various tunings! I have an 8 string guitar and found that the only way to play it without being forever confused is to tune everything to 4ths. This makes the fingering tough, but the fret board is the same right across.

Please allow for “anything” tunings. Programmatically, this is pretty straight forward.

this is very interesting

I just completed a song using a piano scale that worked almost perfectly with my Applied Acoustic GS-Strum; not perfectly as I had to remove all high notes that changed the GS-Strum pattern I selected

I hope you’ll consider this in your upgrade, even if I understand that there are tons of plugins outta there and you cannot certainly include all them

I love the piano version of Scaler 2. Congratulations on many great refinements and the hard work done. It’s fantastic. I really feel that the guitar gui, starting with the fretboard up, is a disaster. Guitarists need a standard fret board, like all guitars have. Guitar chords are simpler, being only one hand forms a chord. Also, they usually need only 5 inversions plus a drop bass feature… (But more is better.). I am (as a guitarist/pianist) really looking forward to having the same fantastic experience and features as with the piano only on a guitar. Based on what I’ve seen, this should be well worth the wait.

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Realguitar instruments will transpose all the piano chords into guitar chords. 5 inversions, pretty cool. try before you buy to see if it makes you happy.

I also (as a rabbit guitarist/pianist :joy:) would love a more guitar-centric Scaler

if you look here, and here, I was able to use it with a guitar plugin but is not easy, apart arpeggios

dannosaurus… LOL scary nickname

I think the Scaler team will be doing lots of guitar pondering after 2.2 and we should look forward to some good advancement in this area first qtr of 2021


I am enjoying the challenge of “guitarizing” the scaler and coming up with good chords, progressions, runs, ect. but i’m thinking ease of use and the “blowing your socks off” effect that can really set this thing off for guitarists as it does with pianists. Many guitarists (newbies) could benefit greatly. I know you guy’s are working on it and thank you for what you have done. (Which is really incredible.) Thanks again.

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yes, I wait for it as well, because using Scaler with my AAS Strum-GS is possible, but less than optimal

So, waiting for a Scaler more guitar-centric I recently revitalized AIR Ignite, a plugin that deliver convincing guitar riffs, compared at least to my (low) level :laughing:

Strum acoustic works extremely well with scaler they really compliment each other but you do have to watch the high note trigger, although sometimes you can jag accidental inspiration with strum patterns

Yes don’t forget that is what Voice Grouping top right performance pane is for, limiting to a certain octave range so it doesn’t trigger key switches in libraries like strummed acoustic

"We’ve got one of the worlds best guitarist on board "
Hold on… Australia … tell me it’s Tommy E :slight_smile:

Joe Bonamassa?

Scaler would benefit from a user defined Voicing Group, similar to Cubase Chord Track, where the lowest and highest note of all chords can be defined. I’ve tried using Scaler with Amplesound and NI’s Strummed Acoustic. Both have a different range of notes that can be recognised as a chord.

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Agreed. That would be the ideal scenario and one which would integrate better into a revised UI

What do you mean exactly @Ben ?

Something similar to AAS Strum-GS 2 Loop Keys below used to change expressions?

This could be useful for my AAS Strum-GS 2 as well

In the case of Amplesound, the Strumming mode recognises notes between c1 and b2 to define the chord, yet to play phrases and patterns from Scaler, the “Live play” mode would be used, e2 and upwards, ie. lowest string, fret 0. Anything below e2 would start to trigger articulations.

As for Strum GS, because there is no MIDI Out functionality, it can’t be used to trigger a realistic guitar library, ie. Scaler > Strum GS > Amplesound, which would be ideal.

hem, have you tried using MIDI Polysher between Scaler and Amplesound?