S2 - Guitar pondering

Hi Guys,

S2 testing. Looks great. Well done to all. I have some pondering on the Guitar Tab/playback though. I hope I’m explaining myself here so forgive my ignorance.

When trying to play realistic Guitar via Keys, us non players don’t understand the fundamentals of the instrument. So our amazingly complex Piano Chords may not transition in the same exact way to a Real Guitar.

I believe this realistic “performance” technology is implemented in PLUGs like “Ample Sound - Acoustic Guitars”. I guess it limits the amount of notes/strings that its physically possible to Play on a Guitar V Keys?.

Is such a thing considered in Scaler Guitar Tab or maybe is that something a some later point. I may be misunderstanding the differences though.

Anyway, well done again and best of success to you Guys.

We’ve got one of the worlds best guitarist on board and he feels we should be making it easier for up and coming guitarist to see where and how they should be playing the chords. The Scaler team has, as a priority, an agenda to focus on guitars and guitarist in an up and coming update.
Stay tuned.


Very cool. Great to know. :love_you_gesture:

Super +1!

Guitar voicings!!

Also, please allow for various tunings! I have an 8 string guitar and found that the only way to play it without being forever confused is to tune everything to 4ths. This makes the fingering tough, but the fret board is the same right across.

Please allow for “anything” tunings. Programmatically, this is pretty straight forward.