S2 - Trigger Chord on Black & KeyLock on White?

Hi All,

Thinking aloud here… Trying to figure a way to trigger 1 finger Chords on left hand and at the same time play full range of keys locked to scale on right hand. All in the same performance. But without either Hand’s performance re-triggering chords unintentionally or doubling up on meandering notes etc.

I guess if we could elect to trigger chords on Black and Keylock on white that might work but Black is out in S2 Chords?. Or maybe elect very lowest notes to trigger chords and allow rest for keylocked?.

I’m now trying to Run+Arm 2 Scaler instances and somehow have 1st only receive C2, D2, E2 etc, for chords and NOT be triggered by the other playing Keylocked notes… BUT! those very same notes not to trigger again the 1st Scaler Chords if I’m meandering down to the same C2. D2 etc… Remember, I’m having to Arm 2 Scalers.

Its late here so maybe I need to think again on it but if anyone has any suggestions how it might be possible, do please make a suggestion.

Many thanks.

Hmmm maybe I’m missing something. Is this not an issue for anyone at all?

Having Bind and Scale lock on at same time will surrender C2, D2, E2 onwards (depending on length of progression) from any possible flourishes or passing notes withing the performance. Is there a way around this?

Not at this stage but we are looking at an overhaul in this area to allow exactly that. Obviously you could just not bind.

Awesome. Thanks Davide.

Meantime, curious does anyone know if its possible to add some kindof virtual midi port to accomplish this?

Dang! I just discovered I can move the BINDed triggers notes. This may get me by for now.

If anyone interested its in Pref “Bind Midi” section and moved via - +

p.s. I have 61 keys ;>


wow, I realized only now what they are used for!