Samplitude &mixcraft locks up

hi new guy when I try to drag chords from scaler to samplitude and mixcraft they both lock up to the point of having to use task manager to get out reason bandlab sonar splat reaper working pretty good any heip or information on this would be great I like the product scaler and no offense intended here thanks eric

Hi @fmm

we are aware of this problem and are working on a solution. Hopefully, the fix will be part of the next update.

Thanks for reporting your issue,

thanks Ed for responding great news eric

As Ed1 says they are aware of the problem. I reported it also. I had an issue with Scaler locking up in mixcraft after dragging in my chord sequence. I found a quick work around when this happens, open your browser and then close it this seems to clear the fault so you can crack on with your composition. This is an easier option than using task manager.

Hi @fmm, @regbower,

We have been able to fix this issue in the upcoming 1.7 update.
I will post on the forum when I get more info on the release date.

Thanks for helping improving Scaler.

Looking forward to the update