Save and load a pattern

This may be similar to other requests, but how about saving a pattern including the edits to the chords (inversions, playback timings etc.} and then having the ability to load a saved pattern into the next available pattern slot without overwriting any current settings? Thus giivng the user the pattern and its edits?l

At present I believe that only options are to either

  • save the entire state, which when it is loaded overwrites the current state and any patterns that have been created, or

  • save the a chord set, which does not save the edits (inversions, playback timimngs etc) but only saves the chords.

My suggestion above is somewhere between the two, which may seem a bit lazy, but I believe that composers often may write motifs and harmonies that may not quite fit the current song, but may be good enogh for use in future songs.

To elaborate on this I would like to save and import a pattern including edits made to the pattern: chord voicings and playback timings.